It's all about the details whether we employ staff, suppliers, technology or materials. Especially in cooperation with suppliers we work with those that share our dedication towards quality and details. Therefore we can deliver thoughtfully created products. Furthermore, if we don't find appropriate suppliers for some of the components necessary for a new product, we will research and develop it ourselves in our own premises or hire an outsourcing specialist.


It is our mission to provide the most comfortable sitting experience. That's why we use high resilience foam in our seat and back cushions to ensure the stabilty of the sofas, and the rounded form at the edges, defined by each model.

Thanks to its elasticity and high supporting force, high resilience foam increases the comfort of lying surfaces. It does not contain any harmful chemicals, on the contrary, it has antiallergic and hygienic properties. All our sofa beds contain mattresses made of high resilience foam.

Individual cushions are filled with recycled foam and absorbent cotton. Cushions filled with feathers are available on customer demand. Some details are handmade, the leather armrests by curriers or cushion stitches made by our highly experienced seamstresses.

Fabrics and leathers

All our fabrics and leathers are selected to meet specific sofa design, but quality is the main component provided by our suppliers. During everyday use they will strech and adapt. Hence we recommend to shake them occasionally so they return to their original shape. All fabrics are highly resistent to scratching and stripping, while its colours are long-lasting.


Aniline is our top-quality leather and gives your sofa a soft, natural and attractive appearance. The surface of our aniline leather is gently covered with wax to help protect it from dirt. Aniline leather is a natural material that "breathes" and absorbs moisture.

Semi-aniline is soft, coloured leather on whose surface a thin layer of pigment is applied. This leather is also treated with a transparent final layer to protect it from dirt and stop the fading of colours. Semi-aniline leather "breathes" and absorbs moisture, is easier to maintain and does not age so obviously as aniline leather.

Standard leather is highly resistant to stains and dirt. A few coats of paint and wax are applied to its surface. Standard leather is not as soft and supple as aniline and semi-aniline leather, but unlike them, it is more easy to clean.

Wood construction

As construction is the base for a stable piece of furniture, we primarly use solid wood and plywood for the frame, and chipboard, hardboard and refined chipboard for other sofa components, depending on the intended function. All our wood originates from renewable resources in EU.

Metal parts

Our metal parts are made of high-quality steel, either powder coated or chrome plated. In sofa beds we use hydraulic mechanisms to ensure a lasting and more comfortable way of use.
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