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Prostoria at Salone del Mobile 2017 published 2017-04-13

This year’s edition of the Salone del Mobile was particularly important for prostoria. After years of working on its development, we have presented a line of armchairs called Trifidae, a new step forward in our collection.

As every year, we have attracted many existing clients, who are now more than 500 throughout the world, as well as new ones looking for new perspectives on the style at this year’s greatest event.

From the whiteness and purity of presentation at the stand, designed in accordance with our new catalogue which was released at the beginning of this year,

, stands out a new and slightly extravagant family of armchairs Trifidae...

It is a line of armchairs consisting of three parts, with specific triangulated form. The focal point is in the central part, embracing the user’s lumbar area and functioning as an armrest. The tilting of the three parts of the armchair resembles closing and openings of the petals of flower buds. The family currently consists of four different models; a small armchair, a high backrest armchair, a lounge chair and a pouf, on polished cast aluminium or coated wood bases.

The armchairs are presented in 3 different colours which highlights the three-piece structure.

Or in a single-colour version for a more serious look with emphasized silhouette.
Trifidae design: Numen/For Use..