Prostoria at Biennale Interieur Kortrijk, 2016

The „silver” Biennale in Kortrijk has continued its consistency in motives which characterize it since the beginning in 1967 – leaving strict traditional spatial norms in interior, promoting contemporary technologies and design, as well as encouraging a broad public debate on contemporary needs and implementation of design. This year's Biennale with its guests of honour and members of the jury raises the importance of a symbiosis of culture and the strictly commercial on a new level making an ideal platform for creating the latest developments in the field of art, architecture, philosophy, sociology, the media, marketing, music and fashion.

Through specific ambiences arising between wood transparent walls, prostoria is recommending an intimate, cosy atmosphere at homes. This time based on a range of "serious" colours – light and dark grey, dark blue, white – the exhibits are refreshed with bright pieces in different shades of orange in accordance with the season of the Biennale.

Well known models: Revolve, Up-lift, Match, Oblique and Monk collection, Pil-low, Polygon armchair, with new editions from the beginning of the year– Convert sofa and Rhomb chair, have been complemented with new models – Rhomb table, Dobra chair as well as Monk chair in a version with metal base.

Rhomb chair which debuted at the Milan fair this year, has got a dining table - which with its design and top performance supports the main features of the chair. The rhomboid section is dominant on the legs of the table and in contrast with the quiet table top makes the only playful detail on the model which provides specific subtlety and charm.

Dobra chair has been based on the traditional typology of a wood chair with upholstered seat. The chair’s character is defined with symmetrical leg cones. On the cones joints, the axis of the legs change angle to meet the functional geometry parameters, at the same time bringing the dynamics in the conservative form of archetypal wood chair with armrests.

Monk chair has been presented with new metal legs. This additional option provides freedom of creation and confirms the versatility of its design.

Other news

Prostoria at Salone del Mobile, 2016

Every year the Salone del Mobile, Milan continues to prove itself as the biggest international gathering of furniture manufacturers. This year's edition features more than 1 300 exhibitors, and organisers are anticipating over 300 000 visitors. Apart from being an event where important business deals are made, the organisers and exhibitors wish to promote and maintain both cultural and artistic value of the fair. For a week the entire Milan lives in the rhythm of the Salone del Mobile...

14 — 04 — 2016

Project – facility complex JGL

Pharma Valley, the production facility complex of the pharmaceutical company JGL opened recently. The pulsating form of the complex marked the entrance into the city of Rijeka and successfully integrated into the existing matrix.

The colouristic interior scenario with plenty of lighting has been beautifully complemented with the prostoria products.
We bring you the details about the project and its development by the architectural team Igor Rožić and Davor Katušić, as follows.

24 — 07 — 2015

now! design a vivre, 2015

This year’s M&O Paris found its inspiration in the very product itself. The theme = return to the essential beauty of craftsmanship and perfecting materials. Return to traditional expertise and value of manufactured products. We love watching the scenes of creation which manufacture exceptional objects. We don’t wish for things to get out of control. Contemplation of nature along with the genius of the hand and the technological advances have marked this year’s design a vivre...

25 — 01 — 2015