Red Dot Award, 2015

Red Dot Award, 2015

Prostoria is one of the winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015, the highly recognised award that celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Due to its uncompromising competency and courage in innovation, in competition with the best (4929 entries, 1994 participants, 56 countries), Prostoria shows once again that top results and success are part of the Croatian design reality.

In jury selection consisting of outstanding world designers, respected design professors and specialist journalist from 25 countries, there are two winning prostoria products for high design quality: armchair Strain, designed by Simon Morasi Piperčić, and chair Oblique, by Numen / For Use.

Strain gives an impression of visual lighteness, as membrane has been stretched over a complex metal construction, at the same time being comfortable up to the standards of a demanding contemporary user, and that owing to an elaborate combination of the supporting elastic strips, the shape of the handhold as well as the pillow support. Designer Simon Morasi Piperčić is an author of broad interest ranging from industrial design, stage design to installations and similar. However, what is crucial to his work is such a meaningful design, simple and creative at the same time, as the armchair Strain doubtless is, one more proof of quality also being the IIA Award 2015 given by the German Design Council earlier this year.

System Oblique, with its interesting but simple forms, regardless of being produced with or without armrests, leaves us with the impression of solidity and utmost comfort. Characterized by a specific profile of the chair / armchair, defined by two triangle prisms shaped so as to adjust by its volume to ergonomy and body needs for comfort. Seated to wooden legs, that are getting thinner towards the floor and are made of massive oak wood, the armchair represents an exceptionally interesting element of designing architectural spaces and provides us with an unforgettable esthetic experience. Numen/For Use (in collaboration with Bratović&Borovnjak) were winners of the same award in 2012, thus confirming successful continuity of the cooperation of the designers and the producer to meet happy ends for everybody, and for Croatian design in particular.