Zagreb International Airport

Zagreb International Airport

Zagreb, Croatia

Reconstruction project and interior design of the TGAV: GEplus Architects, 2019
Interior design of the VIP lounge (F. Tuđman Airport): Poparh Architects, 2019
Interior design of the VIP lounge (International Departures): Kincl Architects, 2019
Images: Domagoj Kunić, Josip Skof

The Zagreb International Airport has included Prostoria's furniture in two recent reconstruction projects: upgrading of the General Aviation Terminal (TGAV) and renovation of the interior of the VIP lounge inside the passenger terminal at the Franjo Tuđman Airport with the aim to promote the destination with top Croatian design.

The General Aviation Terminal reconstruction project was in the hands of the architecture studio GEplus Architects.The concept is dominated by the idea of sky as the absolute medium experienced during a journey. Prostoria’s design icon - the Polygon easy chair - fills the entrance foyer, blending harmoniously with the distinguished aviation space identity. The Cloud sofa and the expressive Trifidae armchairs, next to which the Strain low tables are placed, also contribute to the superior comfort of the VIP lounge. This salon is mostly used by private jet passengers and, therefore, exudes a more intimate and welcoming atmosphere compared to a slightly more corporate tone of the VIP salon at the passenger terminal. Maja Francuz and Petar Rogošić from the company Međunarodna zračna luka Zagreb d.d. have also joined the team that was given the task of designing the interior of the Vip salon. 

In the second building, inside the passenger terminal of the Franjo Tuđman Airport, the architecture studio Poparh designed a new VIP lounge covering 210 m². The lounge is equipped with the Trifidea high armchairs in fabric and leather that emphasize the corporate character of the space and provide relaxation during the stay in the salon, together with the Segment armchairs and the Frame low tables. Larger modular compositions of the Segment sofa and Monk bar stools extend into the International Departures lounge zone. Thanks to their comfort, this airport location has become a favourite spot where passengers gather before take-off. The interior was designed by the architecture studio Kincl.