#prostoria summer competition

you have a chance to win polygon easy chair! 
take part in #prostoria summer competition!

#prostoria summer competition

How to participate?

Follow prostoria profile on Instagram
Share your photo of any prostoria product taken anywhere around the globe, in your home or office (and make sure your post on Instagram is public)
In the comment section, type in #prostoria #myprostoria #prostoriasummercompetition

The jury will select three most creative photos and award them with a Polygon easy chair.


1. Can I participate in the competition if I am not on Instagram?
No, this competition is open only to users with active profiles on Instagram.

2. Do I have to buy one of prostoria products to be able to participate in the prize-winning competition?
No, you do not need to buy a prostoria product to be able to participate in the competition.
You can take a photo in any prostoria showroom, your home, at your friend's house, at the office or some other place. We also accept photoshop use, rendering or collage.

3. How many photos can I post?
The number of photos is not limited, but only one photo can win the prize.

4. How will you select the winners?
Our social media coordinators together with prostoria's creative team, will select the winners.
Correctly posted photos will be evaluated based on creativity criteria.

5. How will prostoria inform the winners?
We will inform the winners via a message directly sent to the Instagram profile and a post published on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

6. What is the competition deadline?
The competition ends on 13 July 2019 at 23:59 CET+1.
The winners of the competition will be announced on July 19, 2019.

7. How will I receive my prize?
prostoria will take care of the delivery to your home address free of charge.

Read the Terms & Conditions for detailed information.

Rules of the Prize-Winning Competition
prostoria summer competition
(hereinafter: The Rules)

The Organiser of the prize-winning competition called prostoria summer competition(hereinafter: «Prize-Winning Competition») is PROSTORIA d.o.o., established in Sv. Križ Začretje, Pustodol Začretski 19/G, registered in the commercial register at the Commercial Court in Zagreb under the 080609761, VAT ID HR 64861685667(hereinafter: «Organiser») with the aim to promote its products.
By participating in the Prize-Winning Competition, the participant agrees that he or she has read and unconditionally accepted the terms and conditions of the Prize-Winning Competition.
This Prize-Winning Competition is not organised or sponsored by Instagram or Facebook Inc. Or any other company or organisation.

Prize-Winning Competition shall be organised on the Organiser's official Instagram page, namely on the following link: «Organiser's Profile»
Prize-Winning Competition shall take place during the period starting at 13 June2019 at 20:00 and ending on 13 July 2019 at 23:59 h, CET +1.

Any natural person of age can participate in the Prize-Winning Competition (hereinafter: «Participant»).
In order to participate in the Prize-Winning Competition, a Participant has to open his or her own Instagram profile and successfully complete the prize-winning task on the Organiser's Profile and comply with other terms and conditions as set out in these Rules.
Persons involved in the organisation or preparation of this Prize-Winning Competition or members of their families cannot participate in this competition.
Every Participant shall be liable for accuracy and veracity of personal data delivered to the Organiser with the aim to participate in the Prize-Winning Competition.

Any person who wishes to participate in the Prize-Winning Competition shall do the following:
1/ Follow the Organiser's Profile
2/ Properly perform the prize-winning task published on 13 June 2019 on the Organiser's Profile.
All applications complying with the terms and conditions of this Prize-Winning Competition and received within the duration of this Prize-Winning Competition as set out in Article 2 of these Rules shall be included in the selection process.

The Organiser retains the right to disqualify a Participant at any time if:
• Participant fails to comply with the Rules;
• Participant fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this Prize-Winning Competition as set out in Articles 3 and 4 of these Rules;
• Participant fails to reply to the Organiser's request within 24 hours from the time when the Organiser sent the request or if a Participant delivers inaccurate information or if it is not possible contact him or her;
• the same or identical response to the task has already been posted for the purpose of this Prize-Winning Competition: in this case, both Participants shall be disqualified because it is not possible which response is an original and which is a copy;
• the posted response to the task fails to deal with the theme of the Prize-Winning Competition;
• Participant fails to deliver statements and permits to the Organiser as set out in Article 8 (Copyright) of these Rules;
• Participant applies with a false profile;
• the application and materials constituting the application contain offensive or vulgar content or insult the rights of third persons, or if the content is not in line with these Rules or the laws in force in Croatia.

The jury composed of 3 employees working for the Organiser shall select winners (hereinafter: «Winner», or jointly «Winners») of the Prize-Winning Competition. The jury shall keep minutes on the selection of 3 accurate and most creative winning responses. Three winners of the Prize-Winning Competition shall be elected in total and three prizes shall be awarded accordingly.
The selection of three most original responses shall be performed by the jury composed of 3 members who will keep records and the minutes concerning the winners. The winners shall be selected accroding to the criteria of the most original and most creative response to the task given. The jury shall reach its decision unanimously. The jury shall keep minutes on the selection process to record the facts concerning the Winners according to the ranking. The minutes on the selection shall be signed by all members of the jury.  
The jury's decision shall be published on 19 July 2019. The selection results are final. Winners and/or Participants cannot file their complaints subsequently.
Organiser of the Prize-Winning Competition shall announce Winners on its Instagram and Facebook pages as well as on the Organiser's Profile within 7 days after the selection. Each winner's user name shall be stated in the public post on the Organiser's Profile. By participating in the Competition Participants agree that they permit the publication of such information.
After the announcement of Winners, prize winners need to contact the Organiser via the inbox on theirInstagram profile and send their personal data (first and last name, address and telephone number). If Winners fail to contact the Organiser, the Organiser shall contact the Winners using the inbox option on their Instagram profiles. When replying to that message, the Winner shall communicate their personal data within 24 hours in order to confirm receiving of the prize. If the Winner fails to contact the Organiser within the abovementioned deadline, or fails to deliver the data necessary for receiving the prize, he or she shall lose the right to the prize and the Prize shall be given to the next Winner in the ranking provided by the jury.
Upon the delivery of personal data, the Winner shall be contacted and informed via a message sent to the Instagram inbox about the way of receiving the prize. The shall not be liable to respond to the Participant's requests if the Participant failed to deliver personal data on time.  
In case that the Winner fails to accept the prize at the time and place agreed with the Organiser, the Winner shall no longer be eligible to receive the prize.
The Organiser shall award the prize to the person who has sent the data via an Instagram message on the Organiser’s Profile. The Organiser shall not be liable for any disputes concerning the ownership over the prize that might occur between the Participant/the Winner  and the third parties. 

The Participants who have applied 3 most creative responses to the prize-winning task shall be awarded according to the jury's decision.
The prizes are the following:
3 x 1 Polygon armchairs in textile, category 300, with a metal frame, in black colour and walnut armrests, as decided by the Organiser.  
One Participant can win only one prize in this Prize-Winning Competition.
The Winner cannot request the prize in larger quantities or different from the prize described by the Organiser in these Rules.
The prize may not be exchanged for money, another product or service.
The prize includes a delivery to the home address at the Organiser's expense.
All Organiser's obligations towards the Winners of the Prize-Winning Competition shall be terminated upon awarding and delivering the prize.
In the event that the number of Participants entering this Competition is lesser than the number of Prizes listed in these Rules of the Prize-Winning Competition, the Organizer shall allocate as many Prizes as there is Participants eligible to participate in the Prize-Winning Competition.
The Winner of the Prize-Winning Competition are obliged to confirm their identity by providing their ID once they take over the Prize. If the Winner of the Prize-Winning Competition is deprived of legal capacity or has a limited legal capacity, he or she shall prove the identity with an ID of his or her legal representative together with a birth certificate or a document issued by the competent authority.

By applying to the Prize-Winning Competition, the Participant transfers the exclusive and unlimited right to use the material posted (photograph, song, video) onto the Organiser without any obligation to pay an award to the Participant or a third party for that kind of use. The Organiser thus has the right to use the material for the internal use and for promotion of this Prize-Winning Competition in all media and social networks without any limitations in terms of time or territory.  
The Participant is obliged to deliver the statement on the abovementioned copyright to the Organiser within 24 hours for the purpose of this Prize-Winning Competition and/or other corresponding statements by co-authors from whom he or she provided the copyright.
If the photograph or video shows third persons, the Participant is obliged to provide statements from those persons within 24 hours following the Organiser's invitation. These statements shall confirm that the third persons agree to the use of their images in the application to the Prize-Winning Competition and that those images can be used exclusively in accordance with the Rules. If the photograph or image shows motifs for which it is necessary to provide permits from the competent bodies or some other third persons, the Participant is obliged to deliver such permits in the original and written form to the Organiser within 24 hours following the Organiser’s invitation to deliver those permits.  

The Participant shall provide the Organiser with the personal data in order to participate in the Prize-Winning Competition. By applying to and participating in the Prize-Winning Competition, Participants shall explicitly and undoubtedly provide the Organiser with the approval to process personal data, use such personal data to identify the Winner and hand over the prize and to process personal data only for the purpose of the implementation of this Prize-Winning Competition.
Participants' personal data shall be processed pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)(hereinafter: «General Data Protection Regulation»), national and EU regulations concerning the personal data protection and the laws in force in the Republic of Croatia.
The Organiser shall collect the following personal data from the Participant and the Winners of the Prize-Winning Competition:
From the Participants: username for the Instagram profile for each individual Participant  
From the Winners:  first and last name, address and telephone number.
For the purpose of participating in this Prize-Winning Competition, the Winner shall make available or deliver the following personal data to prostoria: first and last name, address and telephone number. The abovementioned personal data shall be used only for the abovementioned purposes and shall not be used for any other purpose.
The Organiser shall publicly announce the Winner's username on Instagram and Facebook page and on the Organiser's Profile.
Participants' personal data shall be removed from the Facebook page and Organiser's Profile within 15 days following the conclusion of the Prize-Winning Competition at the latest.
Participants of the Prize-Winning Competition shall have the right to demand access to their personal data from the Organiser and also demand a correction or removal of personal data or limiting the processing thereof. They shall also have the right to file complaints concerning the processing of their personal data. The  responsible person  for the realization of the rights of individuals on the behalf of the Organiser is Biljana Angelovski, phone number: +385 (0)49 200555, e-mail address: Participants can learn more about the processing of their personal data on the following link: This page contains all relevant information.  
In case Participants believe that their personal data have been processed in an unlawful manner, they shall have the right to complain to the competent body, i.e. The Personal Data Protection Agency.
The Participant has to right to revoke his or her permission for the processing of personal data at any time by sending an email to the Organiser. If the Participant revokes the permission for the processing of personal data during the course of the Prize-Winning Competition or prior to the prize awarding, he or she shall lose the right to participate in the Prize-Winning Competition. The Organiser shall keep the Participant's personal data 15 days upon the conclusion of the Prize-Winning Competition at the most. After that period, the organiser shall delete the personal data in question. The Organiser is obliged to keep the Winners' personal data after the expiration of that deadline for the purpose of keeping its own records concerning delivery of Organiser's goods. The Winners' personal data may be shared with the provider of postal or courier services for the purpose of delivering the Prize.
The Organiser shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that Participants' personal data are processed and used in a safe way and in line with the applicable legislation.

The Organiser shall decide about handing all types of complaints filed by Participants and/or Winners or third parties.
If the Organiser establishes that complaints are founded, the Organiser is obliged to correct any defects as soon as possible and inform the Participant failing the complaint, that is other Participants, in case the Organiser decides it to be necessary and useful in a particular case.  
In the event of a dispute between the Organiser and the Participants of this Prize-Winning Competition, the Municipal Civil Court in Zagreb is the competent court.

The Organiser shall not be liable for incomplete or incorrect applications or for any mistakes or technical problems related to the application.
The Organiser and individuals taking part in the organisation of the Prize-Winning Competition and prize-awarding shall not be liable for any damage that incur in relation to the use of the Prize.
This Prize-Winning Competition may be cancelled, stopped or paused only in case of circumstances for which the Organiser is not responsible, i.e. those circumstances that the Organiser is unable to prevent, resolve or avoid. Participants shall be informed about the cancellation, stopping or pausing of the Prize-Winning Competition via a post published by the Organiser on the Organiser's Profile. The Organiser shall not be liable for any damage that might incur in that case. 
The Organiser shall retain the right to remove any kind of content posted by the Participant, if such a post constitutes a breach of the applicable regulations in Croatia, these Rules or if the content is generally insulting or harmful in any way.
The Organiser's decision concerning all issues related to the Prize-Winning Competition or the application of these Rules shall be final and obliging for all Participants.

These Rules of the Prize-Winning Competition shall enter into force on the day of its publication on the Organiser's Profile. By participating in this Prize-Winning Competition, every Participant accepts all rights and obligations as defined by the Rules.  

Organiser of the Prize-Winning Competition
prostoria d.o.o.

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