Prostoria – Jugo chair outdoor

By Numen / For Use

Type outdoor

The Jugo outdoor collection is reminiscent of the Mediterranean laid-back spirit evoking the need for hedonism. The collection is designed to contrast the rational and almost ascetic powder coated construction made of stainless steel to the oversized wooden armrests and lavish cushions. The seat and the backrest are inclined at an angle that provides high-level ergonomics in the seating position. The solid wood armrests of both the Jugo easy chair and sun lounger are characteristically wide. Their width almost matches the dimensions of the tray tables that can be used for putting away a glass with your favourite drink. This feature gives the easy chair a very specific, relaxing and lavish trait. All surfaces for tables and low tables are made from wooden and metal slates, selected as durable materials that mature gracefully. Distinctly accentuated discs on the legs are another characteristic design feature whose function is to ensure various modalities of use on soft or sandy surfaces. The name of this outdoor collection has been inspired by „jugo“ – a characteristic wind blowing from the southeast, also known as the wind of 'fjaka' that literally translates to „doing nothing“.

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