By Böttcher Henssler Kayser

Seam is characterized by a unifying line which goes all over and draws the sofa’s shape. The visible seams, analogous to leaf veins define its organic structure. The straight outside outlines come in contradiction with the softness of the padded seat, armrests and backrest. The thin feet, made of square section bended bar follow on from the seams, and bring lightness. Seam is a unique system of sofa regarding its inclined cut on sides. It makes it more welcoming just like its shape.





Moritz Böttcher and Sören Henssler founded their Berlin based design studio in 2007. In 2013 the designer Nikolaus Kayser joined the team. Since 2014 the trio is working under the studio name Böttcher Henssler Kayser in the fields of consumer product, furniture and lighting design with companies such as ANTA, Böwer, Mater, Normann Copenhagen, Scantex, Schönbuch, Vertigo Bird and Zero. The designers were honoured with a number of distinctions like iF and red dot design awards, the prestigious Red Dot „best of the best“ and the Interior Innovation Award 2015 for their sofa Seam produced by Prostoria.


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