Prostoria – Separe divider high


Type indoor

Separe is a sound-absorbing and space-dividing system that allows creation of diverse spaces for meetings, close collaboration, privacy, and focus. It is a modular system that brings structure to open-plan layouts and interaction processes happening in them. The system is ideal for shared spaces like lounge areas, waiting rooms, libraries, coworking areas, and workplaces. Separe is lightweight and freestanding, suited to build a wide range of configurations, and ready to adjust quickly to changing conditions and preferences. The effective modularity of Separe enables linear, curved, angular, and circular compositions built in two heights and various directions - thanks to the three types of connecting profiles with flexible joints. It is available in several pre-designed configurations or as a single building element. In that way, one can design its own configuration meeting specific spatial demands. The system can be entirely personalized through a wide range of removable fabric covers and colours of connecting profiles. The fabric-covered elements result in a feeling of casual comfort and security while effectively absorbing the ambient noise. Their soft surface allows them to be used as a pinboard, while small hooks can be placed anywhere along the top edge for further options. With all parts separately replaceable, Separe has all the necessary ingredients to stay fresh in the long run. It is a sustainable product, entirely produced out of recycled or recyclable materials.

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