Prostoria – Strain chair


Type indoor

Strain and Unstrain chairs are like twins in the Strain collection but convey their own typology. The Strain collection’s distinctive character evolves from the highly strained materials. Visually light and uncustomary slender, Strain and Unstrain chairs present even more simplified Strain form. Their difference lies in the key family feature of intertwisting leg junctions. While Strain retains the twist, which provides the necessary construction stiffness, Unstrain releases it, resulting in the a contemporary interpretation of the 1950s universal chair, which is easily stackable.
Both chairs have a universal flair with their ergonomic design of a solid wood seat that can be additionally upholstered with leather or fabrics for superior comfort. They create the perfect solution for residential or public spaces. The Strain collection’s aesthetic results from the fusion of high-end technology and refined craftsmanship.

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