Film Prostoria 10 – Makers at the Core

Prostoria 10 is a project that celebrates 10 years of Prostoria’s love of design and furniture making. The film presents the dynamic and multifaceted development of Prostoria, and the company’s emergence as a design-led international furniture brand with a strong manufacturing culture.

Openness to new challenges, a gritty sense of determination and a searching spirit guided by new values merge into continuous process at Prostoria. It is a philosophy that has over the years become our trademark. Our industrial base, regardless of how big it may have grown, remains in its essence a creative workshop led by craftsmen who have grown to become masters in their given fields. Over the years our craftsmen have learned from our designers, and our designers have learned from our craftsmen, frequently over the course of collaborative projects that may last months or years. What has arisen from this is far more than just a line of furniture products. It is a blend of teamwork and living knowledge, and as such lies at the heart of all of Prostoria’s activities. Although it was the importance of design that radically defined our product portfolio and the identity of the brand, we continue to regard design as a tool for ensuring both the authenticity and the quality of the product rather than an end in itself. Design encouraged us to research manufacturing technologies more deeply, and to explore the numerous possibilities offered by our chosen materials.

Film by Kurppa Hosk