Stof store fabric cover

Giving a new life to the fabrics that remain

In 2021, Prostoria has started a project with the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb that will use a 1000 m of fabrics from our previous collections. The material will be used by students for designing garments, costumes, clothing and textile creations.

Our vision is to build, transform and support creativity in our surroundings. An important part of our social responsibility agenda is to provide remnants of fabrics to kindergartens, schools and universities for their art and crafts programmes.

Giving a new life to the fabrics that remain
Inside Prostoria’s factory in Croatia

At the same time, a second chance is given to any larger piece of fabric that remains from our furniture production. We see it more as a new resource or a foundation on which we have developed the sub-brand Štof by Prostoria with its own showroom in Zagreb. It serves as a platform for a circular economy where we sell all fabrics from our previous collections, offering cushions and other accessories made of smaller textile’s pieces.

Doorway of Stof store by Prostoria
Štof by Prostoria, A. Bauera 9, Zagreb
Inside Stof store by Prostoria