Prostoria – Kontrapunkt recliner video – designed for lightweight dreamtime

Kontrapunkt recliner video – designed for lightweight dreamtime

Have a look at the smooth transforming action of Kontrapunkt, a design-led recliner from Prostoria.

To transform Kontrapunkt, you simply need to raise an armrest and the armchair eases into a reclined position with a footrest that kicks out from under the seat. This simple transition is achieved with the innovative mechanism that is part of the design that also features supreme ergonomics for ultimate comfort.

Kontrapunkt recliner video  – designed for lightweight dreamtime

Kontrapunkt was designed by Neisako (Neven & Sanja Kovačić) whereas a very demanding process of technical development was in the hands of Prostoria's engineering team and craftsmen. By joining two functions in a single object characterized by compact proportions and visual balance, the Kontrapukt armchair-chaise longue is an ideal space-saving solution for any interior.  With this innovation, Prostoria’s new product provides an alternative to regular bulky recliners. Kontrapunkt was developed over the period of two years with the aim of achieving a harmonious transformation from one typological function into another without the use of any electrical mechanisms. This transformation is designed in such a way that the armchair turns into a chaise longue simply by raising the armrest! The name Kontrapunkt takes its origin from music and means "two opposite points". This resonates with its design as it denotes the principle of composition in which two parallel melodies merge into one harmonious whole.

Video by Studio Size