Prostoria – Prostoria joins Design Post Cologne in 2022
Prostoria joins Design Post Cologne in 2022

Prostoria joins Design Post Cologne in 2022

After ten years of showcasing our design collection at Imm Cologne, Prostoria has joined Design Post Cologne platform since January 2022.

Selected preview from our collection will be on display all year long at the Design Post Cologne showroom. Prostoria as a furniture design company with manufacturing culture creates furniture whose functionality, durability and comfort result in timeless aesthetics. In the space of the last ten years, Prostoria has grown into a formidable industrial operation based on a philosophy of research-based design. Its factory in Croatia operates as a research lab where sustainability is embedded in the design process, and where they use top-quality materials from prototype development right through to full scale production.

Our brand’s dedication to quality is reflected in the decision to manufacture all types of furniture in-house from R&D to sewing, state-of-the-art carpentry and manufacturing of metal components. Each of the product designs has led Prostoria to employ a high degree of innovation in the production process and to invest heavily in technology. During the development process the conceptual solutions of upcoming products are developed into prototypes on a scale of 1:1. Thanks to the research process and reflection that goes into the development of each new Prostoria product, the brand is constantly pushing the boundaries of materials and form. This is how it creates diverse lines of furniture united by a unique design language.

Design Language

The identity of Prostoria grew spontaneously out of its constantly developing language of product design. And if Prostoria did have a manifesto it would boil down to this: achieving the functionality of a product through a combination of understated beauty and supreme comfort. Modernism in the architecture is a legacy that forms the foundation and inspires the design language of its products, as Prostoria originates from Croatia - and Zagreb as its capital - is one of the rare cities in the world with deeply rooted tradition of Modernist architecture.