Prostoria – Oblique chair outdoor

By Numen / For Use

Type outdoor

The basis of the system is the characteristic profile of a chair which, defined by two triangular prisms, ensures maximum foam thickness on the rear of the seat and the backseat's lumbar area. The metal is bent at a specified geometry and is upholstered with the  moulded foam, resultis in a unified pulsating form. As a result of the triangulation, the solid oak legs thin towards the bottom, thus transforming the square cross-section of the top of the legs into their bases' triangle. Oblique chair with metal construction of the legs emphasizes the specific profile and volume of the chair, thus losing the impression of massiveness that it has in the wooden version.
A completely new typology of outdoor furniture is brought to market with Oblique family of products. The products look the same as the indoor version, just the materials are made for outdoor use.

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