Kvadra's success at the Cologne fair, 2013

Kvadra's success at the Cologne fair, 2013

Kvadra Design's second appearance at the IMM Cologne was marked by the presentation of its new collection of upholstered furniture.
The exhibition space stretched to 198 m2, whilst its concept was conceived by the Numen/ForUse team. The modular furniture and systems from the new collection for furnishing homes and public spaces – Classic, Cloud, Match and Segment – sparked great interest in the international furniture industry and captivated the numerous visitors. Kvadra's new sofa bed Pil-low, designed by Sanja and Neven Kovačić, who together form the studio Redesign, was presented for the first time to the public alongside the collection.

Kvadra's CEO, Tomislav Knezović, expressed his satisfaction: 'We are very pleased, both with the interest in our products and the results achieved. We have made many preliminary agreements which we expect to realise in the coming months. There are a few reasons for the even greater interest in our products this year, from our repeated presence at the fair inspiring further confidence, to the attractiveness of our stand, which was once more created by Numen/ForUse. Of course, the most important reason was the much broader palette of beautiful quality products, which greatly delighted the visitors. It is still too early to talk of concrete results, but experience tells us that we should be more than satisfied. The products intrigued visitors from all corners of the world, meaning we are working well and that our design does not limit us to only certain markets.

Revolve, 3angle, Easy and Elegance, the success stories of Kvadra’s first collection, were presented along with the new collection of upholstered furniture.