Prostoria at IMM Cologne, 2020

13 – 19 January, 2020 / Hall 11.2, stand J030 K031

At Imm Cologne 2020, Prostoria will launch two new modular sofas - Absent and Layout. Designed by Numen/ForUse, both represent a fresh aspect of innovation in this typology. Absent was designed to create a weightless zone of comfort, a kind of culmination of the company's knowledge acquired in exploring new levels of comfort and research-based design. Unfolding as a fluid organic shape, Absent is a sofa designed for a body position in-between sitting and lying down. You can take off your everyday armour and sink into the smooth settee, letting your muscles to relax and putting your mind at ease. Absent provides a perfect support for letting you glide into your comfort zone, an inner dimension where you can feel weightless and safe. “Fasten your seat belts, we are approaching planet Earth!”
Layout, on the other hand, was designed as a modular crossover between architecture and design. It embodies the configuration of a spatial algorithm creating a soft interior landscape, and is fitted to larger spaces. Radically simple and clean, based solely on four basic elements - seater with backrest, two corners and a pouf, this concept provides a solution for any all-encompassing interior design project.
In the line of chairs, Strain & Unstrain chairs, designed by Simon Morasi Pipercic, stand as new editions of the popular Strain collection. Similar for their even more simplified Strain form, they contrast in the key family feature - intertwisting leg junctions. While Strain retains the twist, which provides the necessary construction stiffness, Unstrain releases it, which results in the contemporary interpretation of the 1950s universal chair, which is easily stackable.
Grupa studio has designed Piun chair, where the challenge was to design a light and stackable chair with armrests for mass seating. Tinker easy chair is another Grupa’s piece for Prostoria meant to be invitingand conducive to comfortable sitting and relaxed work by a mid-high table.
Trifidae conference chair is a new edition to the expressive family design and features a more vertical backrest and a higher seat than the easy chair. Therefore, it is designed for sitting at the standard table height in the business environment or the dinning settings. Avet is a new visually appealing Numen/ForUse design of the low table which relies on the light triangular metal construction, whose skeletal lines endow it with certain fragility and weightlessness.With the addition of toned glass surface, the table becomes almost dematerialised, an elegant, shadowy silhouette, suitably named Avet (meaning ghost, phantom).

Designing and producing with great care for the final product have been Prostoria’s prerequisites during the 8 years of the company’s transformation into an international design brand whose production is based in Croatia. During the period, Prostoria has transitioned from a craft-oriented manufacture of upholstered furniture to industrial production of solid wood and metal-based furniture.

If you plan on visiting Imm Cologne in January 2020 join us in Hall 11.2, Stand J030 K031 and discover our presentation.

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