Watch the film - Making of Prostoria 10

In the “Making of Prostoria 10” film, the final setting of the “Prostoria 10” exhibition and the “Prostoria Net” art installation is portrayed. The project was developed and produced over the course of one year.

A large part of the content was originally created – from the photographs related to the “Revisiting Architecture” project, which are used to connect the values of modernist architecture of Zagreb with the design language of products from Prostoria, all the way to the “Art in the Factory” set of art installations created by the sculptor Anđela Vilić from remnants of production materials used to incorporate new meaning into the art installation, and the “The Essence” sculptures created by the “Boir” studio, which present natural materials and master skills as their theme in Prostoria, as well as the catalogue in which this content is combined in printed form, and the “Prostoria Net” temporary art installation, which was a gift for Prostoria from the “Numen / For Use” design trio.

"We are pleasantly surprised by the fact that Zagreb residents have shown great interest in the “Prostoria 10” exhibition, which has continuously received a large number of visitors since its opening day. We have received numerous thank-you notes from the residents regarding the exhibition, particularly regarding the “Prostoria Net” art installation, which they have asked to be set up permanently in front of the Meštrović Pavilion. I would like to thank the whole Prostoria team for their dedication to making this project a successful one, particularly the team members who have been creating the “Prostoria 10” project during the course of the year: the “Grupa” studio for their exhibition setup design, the “Numen / For Use” collective for their design of the “Prostoria Net” art installation as a birthday gift for Prostoria, the “Kurppa Hosk” brand agency for creating the visual identity of the project and its multiple applications, the “Skira Lighting” for their lighting-related consulting, and the “Pali Gasi” company for their lighting, Iva Šilović for her production work, Tatjana Bartaković for verbal communication, Anđela Vilić for her “Art in the Factory” set of art installations, Zvonimir Čičak for the management and realisation of all metal structures, particularly the “Prostoria Net” art installation, Stjepan Lešković and his team for their work related to exhibition setups, the “Biro” studio for their art production of photographs related to the “Revisiting Architecture” project, the “Boir” studio for creating the “The Essence” art installations, the “Dnevna doza biljaka” collective for their plant installation, and the team responsible for their creation of wooden toys – a miniature architectural work by Ivan Vitić (the “mo:re” group of designers)“, said Tomislav Knezović, the owner of Prostoria.

Film by Kurppa Hosk