404 communications agency

404 communications agency

Interior design: BIRO Architects, 2010.
Photography: Marija Gašparović

The interior design of the 404 agency was designed to encourage mutual communication and a sense of community among the agency’s large number of employees. When the majority of the working hours are spent indoors, as much attention as possible should be given to creating spaces that people feel comfortable in. Prostoria’s furniture supports the idea of creating extensions for relaxation, socializing, briefing and informal meetings. The Seam sofa is centered in the main hallway and in some of the offices, where it sets the intimate flair. Polygon and Oblique armchairs are present in various communal locations. The dynamic and perennially busy central area is surrounded by workrooms with Monk chairs that allow focused work. These rooms are visually connected with the central area via glass walls, which creates the atmosphere of an open-space office while avoiding the issues that open-plan offices often face.