Prostoria – Elegance


By Prostoria

Type indoor

The Elegance seating set, together with the Classic set, represents the outset of prostoria. To us, the design of Elegance meant an exploration of the refinement of form, finding the moment in which visual ease and clear sublimated geometry meet. The sofa and armchair frames are relatively thin and somewhat lower, emphasizing the appearance of the cushions and thus underlining comfort. This also helps to lighten the entire volume of the sofa. In contrast to the rigid structure, the seat cushions have slightly rounded edges. The cushions are offered in two alternatives: a softer, visually gentler one, and a harder one that is geometrically more rigid. The visual variability of the set is supplemented by an offering of metal or more classic wooden legs. By combining a series of subtle shifts within a set of accepted rules, we have designed a product characterised by a discreet contemporary elegance and adaptability to different environments.