Prostoria – Up-lift


By Neisako

Type indoor

While designing the Up-lift armchair and sofa, our concept was to transform them into a bed with a single action. This action gives the impression of an elegantly orchestrated and rhythmical movement. By pulling the backrest forward, the side ends of circular armrests lean on the floor and serve as the eccentric rotation point around which the sofa easily opens into a functional bed. The attractive and contemporary form of the accentuated shape becomes pragmatically justified in almost surprising transformation and interaction with the user. The idea is original and unprecedented; this often tiresome action of unfolding an armchair or a sofa has been turned into a game that delights with its ingenuity. Such a solution rules out complicated mechanisms and constructions, at the same time maintaining a high level of comfortable sitting and lying. A very rare typology of an unfolding armchair is available with one and a half or double seats.