Prostoria – Kontrapunkt


By Neisako

Type indoor

The design of the Kontrapunkt armchair and chaise longue transformer explores the possibility of creating an alternative to the standard bulky recliner armchair typology. The goal was to integrate the armchair and chaise lounge into one compact visually light object. The very name Kontrapunkt (counterpoint) means "two opposite points", and comes from music, where it denotes a method of composing two parallel melodic lines into one harmonious whole. This was achieved by using the armrests as part of an innovative mechanism that holds the leg pad extension and tilts the backrest into the proper position. The design is minimal and lays the product’s structural parts bare, without compromising its aesthetic. Comfort is achieved through an ergonomic shape and material elasticity, particularly through different versions of the product’s skin, upholstered in fabric or leather. The change of skins transforms its character, making it suitable for various situations of interior use. The ultimate experience of comfort can be additionally moderated through layers of feather and with the regulation of the height of the head cushion.