By Läufer & Keichel

Yak is a visually light chair inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of the 50´s and 60´s. Its  seat and backrest made from massive wood with a base made from steel rods  creates a minimalistic constructive structure - the chair´s structure is made in a way that also the wooden elements are part of the static construction





LÄUFER & KEICHEL is a creative partnership between Julia Läufer and Marcus Keichel. The pair have been working together since 2003. Their studio is located in the heart of Berlin. Focusing on sustainable design solutions, their disciplines range from furniture design and industrial design, through exhibition to corporate and communication design for clients as Best (Italy), GASAG (Germany), Lammhults (Sweden), La Palma (Italy), Martela (Finland), Offecct (Sweden), schneiderschram (Germany), Thonet (Germany), Wilkhahn (Germany), Zeitraum (Germany) and others. Their work has been internationally exhibited, published and awarded.