Dominic Suites

Dominic Suites

Belgrade, Serbia

Interior decoration and architecture: Studio Fluid
Project team: Nevena Pivić, Vanja Otašević, Zorana Vasić, Tijana Vitomir
Photography: Jovana Rakezić

Dominic suites are well-placed inside the very centre of the city, façade facing the central and best-known city square, respectfully acknowledging its place among its ambience legacy, with characterful novelty of its modern attire.

Its interior simultaneously follows and responds to the formal language of rationalism and functionality of the architecture to which it belongs. Reapplying the motifs of wood, metal and stone, plays an important part in defining the art of the ambient where this silent conversation between intervention in the interior and architectural legacy takes place.

On the existing floor of the building, the rooms are designed so the original proportions are left intact and the structure is minimally affected, but still there’s room left for quality modern interior adaptation.