Hotel Osmoliš

Hotel Osmoliš

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Interior design: Numen/ForUse, Vanja Magić, Ivana Jonke (2021)
Photography: Domagoj Blažević & Numen/ForUse

The interior of the "Osmoliš Hotel" is fully equipped with Prostoria’s furniture collection – it features the Polygon, Oblique and Trifidae armchairs in addition to the Dobra, Bik, Strain and Oblikant chairs, the Monk bar stools and the Osmo outdoor collection. Through this very project, the new modular Klaster sofa and the Jugo outdoor collection have been developed, which demonstrates the multiplicity of their use.

The interior of the "Osmoliš Hotel" was designed by the "Numen / For Use" collective, and it conceptually followed up on the modernist concrete shell designed by the architect Damir Vitković, retaining raw concrete as the key finish throughout the interior of the building.