Hotel Radisson Blu

Hotel Radisson Blu

Helsinki, Finland

project: Sisustusarkkitehdit Fyra Oy, 2016 
photo: Eeli Saaristo

Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel is located in a harbour area and the presence of the old downtown shipyard was brought into the hotel interior. When entering through the main entrance, it is as if being whisked into another world. Segment sofa is part of its vivid lobby, designed as an exquisite retreat that provides an atmospheric setting for lunch and to appreciate details such as black door latches – a finishing touch sought after for months. There you feel like you have set foot in the most charming boutique hotel in New York or Amsterdam. The reception desks resemble old travel trunks and behind them is a wall built out of a shipping container. Black bookcases are filled with old binoculars, globes and books, and people gather around wooden tables to soak in the ambience and enjoy their lunch.


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