Naturopathy studio Hibiscus

Naturopathy studio Hibiscus

Collalbo, Italy

Interior design: Messner Architects, 2020
Photography: Karina Castro

The Trifidae easy chairs are standing out and giving the shape and colour to a very light and natural interior of the naturopathic studio located in the Northern Italy. The chairs are set in the suite where the patients are being welcomed. The chair’s enclosing backrest provides an introverted feel, thus supporting the user to relax and restore energy.  The tilting of the three parts of the armchair invokes the movement of flower petals and aligns with the atmosphere of the luscious green inner courtyard, which is an integral part of the studio space. Messner Architects have also designed Central café in Collalbo accommodating the Monk and Oblikant chairs by Prostoria.


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