Hotel Navis

Hotel Navis

Opatija, Croatia

project: Idis Turato, 2015
photo: Bosnić+Dorotić, Siniša Gulić

It has a very clear concept where every room has a unique view of a Kvarner bay. Each room is planned as a separate box, a hotel pixel, an obvious turistic parameter of exact footage and prescribed dimensions in order to meet the requirements of a categorisation of a hotel. In order to align those pixels in accordance to the terrain, the specific form shows itself on the facade of the front of the hotel, giving it a playful image of terraces of different sizes and shapes.

Prostoria supplied complete furnishing of the hotel. Apart from the armchairs, chairs and small tables from the standard collection, in cooperation with the architect Idis Turato, we developed and implemented? tables for the hotel rooms and chairs and tables for the restaurant. The specific form and colour scheme of the chairs give the restaurant a unique look.