Hotel Palace

Hotel Palace

Dubrovnik, Croatia

project: 3LHD, 2013
photo: Damir Fabijanić

In one of the synonyms for Croatian hotel architecture, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, 3LHD was engaged on the project of reconstruction of the rooms and the restaurant.

3LHD worked together with product designers from Grupa Studio, who designed the furniture and lamps for the rooms, the art graphics (for the wallpaper) with stylized Mediterranean motifs, situated above the bed headboard in every room, were developed in collaboration with artist Mare Šuljak, and all of the textiles, curtains and covers were chosen in collaboration with fashion designers from Studio I-GLE.

The chairs, armchairs and small tables Grupa has developed in cooperation with prostoria, who produced the furniture and supplied to the whole hotel. The Monk family was intruduced to the standard collection and has developed and grown since.