Welcome center

Welcome center

Kudykina Gora, Russia

Interior design & architecture: Megabudka architectural bureau
Photography: Ilya Ivanov

In recent years Russia has been experiencing the most important problem in its modern architectural design, namely the lack of a distinctive identity. In response to this issue, the Moscow-based architectural bureau Megabudka conducted a study and from that research, they developed their vision of the New Russian Style. This architectural style is not simply created but is based on a rethinking of the cultural aspects and values inherent in the peculiarities of Russian architecture. This research was carried out with the participation of several modern designers and architects who were systematized to become the determinants of the new Russian design. 

The first construction, built in the new Russian style, is located in the Lipetsk region, on the territory of the Kudykina Gora Park. The Welcome Center building complex is one of the projects that is part of a significant transformation of design ideas into the new Russian style. The building is located at the starting point of the circular route in the park and consists of separate beams of varying heights. Prostoria takes part in this project with Rhomb chairs.


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