Community Center Großweikersdorf

Community Center Großweikersdorf

Großweikersdorf, Austria

 Architect: Smartvoll

Interior design: Smartvoll

Merchandise: AREA

Photography: Dimitar Gamizov

 The project resolved “the donut effect” – an old acquaintance in Austria’s communities. It slyly draws frequency away from the town center via local suppliers on the periphery and causes it to die out. This new community center is supporting the development of the village’s center.

Turned out of the row of houses at the main square, the new heart of the village opens to an inviting welcome gesture. Citizens and visitors should not only feel welcome, they should above all be encouraged to use the building.

A strong symmetry to the main square builds gravitas and meaning for a self-evident gathering place. The rotation of the structure and the resulting opening of the site, along with the orientation of the main entrance onto the main square, expresses an ultimate gesture of welcome and encourages visitors to explore and discover.