Microsoft Belgrade, Serbia, 2014
Microsoft Development Center Serbia
author: Radmila Arsenović, AE & BATES team
project management: BATES doo
general contractor: Studio Romb
photography: Relja Ivanić

Microsoft Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2014

Microsoft Bucharest, Romania,  2015

Microsoft Tallin, Estonia, 2015

Microsoft Trodheim, Norway, 2015

Microsoft Munchen, Germany, 2015

Microsoft Belgrade, Serbia, 2015

Microsoft executive Lounge, Vienna, 2015
project: 13&9design
photography: Paul Ott
The project, called “Microsoft Transformative Atmosphere,” provides flexible individualization for the meeting room, by combining innovative interiors with artificial intelligence. The pioneering technology interacts directly with the user and generates a variety of settings. The natural materials – wood, stone, metal and fabric – can be bathed in different lighting setups that create various moods which can be changed to meet specific demands.

Microsoft Skopje, Macedonia, 2016
project: KL studio
photography: Andrijana Tilić
Interesting interior has been achieved combining traditional elements of the macedonian history with conteporary design solutions. Artefacts from Prostoira collection, Combine, Monk and Convert, represent the conteporary, yet cosy addition to the space.